Avoid While Manufacturing Custom Frozen Food Boxes

Custom frozen food boxes are abundantly used because frozen food is consumed widely. Brands invest in the boxes because they want to get product protection and promotion. Nonetheless, there are certain mistakes that the brands commit while manufacturing the boxes and those mistakes hinder their growth. 

For instance, sometimes the customers need a specific kind of packaging because they may have to take the product over long distances. Sometimes the packaging sturdiness becomes necessary as the food requires a little extra protection but the companies fail to comprehend that need and spoil their food. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss what are the common mistakes that most of the food processing industries commit and reduce their brand potential. 

  • Inappropriate Dimensions

The big blunder that a brand can make while manufacturing its custom frozen food packaging is using inappropriate box dimensions. Rarely any brand gets small-size boxes but many get large boxes that are not in accordance with the portion of food they want to sell. Large packaging tells only one thing about the brand i.e. the brand is not professional and is not aware of its own product requirements. 

When your packaging is unreasonably large then you have to deal with two things. The first is that you have to use box fillings to keep the food wobbling around the box. The second thing that you may have to face is the additional cost of the boxes. When your product needs a small box then spending on a large one is not a wise decision. You can reduce your packaging cost and give a professional look to the product by selecting the right dimensions of the boxes. 

  • Conventional Designs 

Many brands commit a blunder by using conventional designs for food boxes. Replace the conventional box styles with styles that can entice the customers and give them convenience, you can use custom tuck top boxes, sleeves boxes, die-cut boxes, etc. to give a new and innovative look to your packaging boxes. 

The conventional designs on the boxes do not excite the customers about your product and your product may remain in the retail freezers untouched by the customers. Nonetheless, when you invest in new and catchy box styles then you give a unique identity to your packaging and hence make your product prominent which will allow you to get more sales and earn more revenue. After a certain period update the design, both in style and artwork, and give a new look to your frozen food. 

  • Bland Boxes 

Your bland custom freezer food boxes wholesale will not serve you in a positive way. Bland boxes mean that your box design is not as catchy as the designs of your competitors. So get the boxes that are attractive, designed professionally, and have a unique style to give the customer noticeable food packaging. 

Apart from this, you have to make the boxes with a color combination that looks good and does not create an overwhelming design. Moreover, you have to be very particular when selecting the typography for your boxes. Say if you are using a dark background then do not use a dark color for your typography. In the same manner, the logo of your company must be of a different color than your other artwork. 

  • Poor Material 

To reduce the cost of the custom boxes in the USA many brands use inferior quality packaging material. This may reduce the cost of the packaging but it will also decrease the quality of your food too. Poor quality packaging will reduce your frozen food shelf life and make it easy to spoil. 

That is why it is crucial that all the food manufacturing companies use packaging that is high in quality and has significant durability to give desired protection to the food. You can use the following  material to manufacture your boxes and avoid the blunder that you may have been committing: 

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugation 
  1. Missing Primary Packaging 

Some brands may use custom printed Kraft boxes but forget to use primary packaging. The boxes that are displayed on the retail shelves are secondary packaging. To give additional protection to the food primary packaging is a must. Avoiding this may cause leakage of fluids from uncooked food. 

You can use custom parchment paper to wrap the food items which will prevent fluid leakage and parchment paper is food-grade so it does not release any noxious substances in the food. 

Final Thoughts! 

Many companies commit mistakes while manufacturing custom frozen food boxes. To reduce the cost of the boxes, companies use inferior quality material, conventional and blank designs, and omit using primary packaging. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial if you want customers to select your frozen food because packaging has a huge impact on the boxes. 

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