Challenges of Unmanaged WP Hosting To Watch Out For

WordPress and other types of hosting plans often offer two basic plans. One is a managed plan, and the other is an unmanaged plan. In managed plans, the hosting service providers control and manage everything. On the contrary, in an unmanaged plan, the service users manage and handle everything on their own. Due to this, many site owners opt for an unmanaged WP hosting plan.

An unmanaged WordPress hosting plan offers affordability, flexibility, and more control. However, these are only the positive aspects. Handling extensive responsibilities of unmanaged plans for a long can give rise to numerous challenges, which is why you must decide carefully.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on the challenges of an unmanaged WordPress hosting plan you need to watch out for and make the right choice.

Top 6 Challenges of an Unmanaged WP Hosting Plan

An unmanaged WP hosting plan may offer more control over the resources and flexibility, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities can turn into challenges very soon; therefore, you must have clarity about what you are opting for.

Here are the most common challenges of opting for an unmanaged WordPress hosting plan you must know about before finalizing your pick.

1. Lack of Expertise

Lack of expertise is the basic challenge of opting for an unmanaged WP hosting plan. In such a plan, the site owners are responsible for server management, control panel management, and other similar tasks. All of this is impossible without professional knowledge and expertise in the area.

Even if site owners have an IT team on board, they must have the expertise to configure and manage the technical details. Not all site owners have the expertise or IT team to rely on. Therefore, they consult experts from WordPress hosting UAE services and opt for a suitable managed plan.

2. Update Security

Updating security is the next challenge of an unmanaged WP hosting plan you must know before opting for it. Regular security patch updates, scanning for vulnerabilities, and fixing them are inevitable for smooth performance and functioning.

With an unmanaged plan, the site owners are responsible for managing all these on their own. Any mistake in security updates or forgetting about them altogether can compromise site and server security. It can expose the authorities to even bigger issues like security breaches, data theft, etc. So, you must pay due attention to security updates or opt for a managed WordPress hosting plan.

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3. Responsible For Hardware Maintenance

The next common challenge of an unmanaged WP hosting plan is that site owners are responsible for hardware maintenance. Hosting involves a lot of tasks and responsibilities, and an unmanaged plan means service users are responsible to handle everything independently.

Hardware maintenance is a crucial part of it. The users need to maintain all the tools and look after and manage network-related issues and the control panel, too. On the contrary, a managed plan takes away all these responsibilities from the users, and the service providers take care of everything.

4. Manage Backups

Backup management is another common challenge of an unmanaged WP hosting plan. Creating regular site backup is inevitable to have the right support and resources in hand in case the site faces an issue. However, creating backups is not as simple as it is often assumed.

Manual site backups might not be perfect due to unexpected mistakes. On the other hand, automated backups also need monitoring. A managed plan lessens the load of site owners as hosting service providers manage backups for users. If you think you are not prepared for this responsibility, you can also change your plan.

5. Requires More Time and Effort

A typical challenge of an unmanaged WP hosting plan is that it requires more time and effort. Most site owners opt for it as it is cheaper than a managed plan. However, it comes with the added responsibility of handling and managing all the technical and nontechnical tasks.

It can take more time of site owners and make them pay less attention to other business tasks. Even if you try to hand over the responsibility to the internal IT team, it will increase their load and overall business expenses. So, weigh your options and make the choice wisely.

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6. Limited Customer Support

Limited customer support is the last challenge of an unmanaged WP hosting plan you must be aware of. No matter how reliable a hosting provider you opt for, all their attention and focus will be on offering support to clients with managed plans.

An unmanaged plan means you are self-sufficient in knowledge and expertise and can manage issues on your own. If you think you cannot handle support-related issues, you should change your plan. You should opt for managed WordPress hosting UAE and enjoy 24/7 customer support.

Not sure which WP hosting plan is better for you?

The challenges of an unmanaged WP hosting plan can confuse anyone. However, if you can manage its responsibilities efficiently, it is perfect for you. If you want to enjoy added support and limit your responsibilities, you can try a managed hosting plan. The best strategy is to consult experts, discuss all the requirements and concerns, and follow the recommendations to prioritize smooth site functioning.

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