Common IT Loopholes That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Digital companies that operate in the online space rely on technology to do business with their customers. While the evolution of technology has provided business owners with countless options to scale, it also comes with a risk. Specifically when your organization relies only on numerous devices to ensure the continuity of daily operations. Using countless devices and not maintaining their security can create loopholes that can open up a portal for cybercriminals.

These loopholes usually go unnoticed until they are found and targeted by cybercriminals. This is crucial because if the security of one office device gets compromised, it puts your entire organization at risk. Cybercriminals can steal away your sensitive information and then blackmail you for a handsome sum. This is why investing in cybersecurity services to identify and close loopholes can save your business from facing setbacks.

Keep reading the article to learn more about these common IT loopholes that companies usually ignore.

5 IT Loopholes You Should Close Immediately

There are various technology aspects utilized by employees in the company that may be prone to vulnerabilities. Thus, to implement security measures accordingly, it’s important to first find out areas containing loopholes. When you know the weakened parts of your IT infrastructure, you can use tailored cybersecurity solutions to protect yourself from cybercriminals.

Here are 5 common security gaps that you must fill to prevent the chances of a data breach. Some you will have heard of, while others will be completely unknown to you.

1.      Unsecure Software

The use of software that is not supported on any specific operating system can create loopholes for attackers. This is because when you use unsupported software, it does not receive any updates from the developer. Therefore, without regular updates, your software remains unpatched for certain cyber threats.

Companies have tons of these software and applications installed without realizing their existence. As they are not being used anymore, they can be used by attackers to breach your entire system’s security. Timely addressing this problem can save your company from facing data breach consequences. This is why companies opt for managed security services to find and close such gaps efficiently and safeguard their companies from attackers.

2.      Poor Access Management and Data hosting

Another reason behind most successful cyber-attacks is poorly managed and used login credentials. In most companies, employees don’t follow the best practices to use and manage their passwords. Cybercriminals have access to a vast range of resources, which include tools like brute-forcing to gain access to your system.

Most companies don’t keep their confidential data organized in one device or a server. Having cluttered sensitive data in multiple devices of your organization can open a gateway for attackers. This is why it’s important to store your data in one centralized place and use security measures to safeguard it.

3.      Unprotected Business Email

Businesses use corporate email for both internal and external matters. While this communication channel provides ease, it also comes with certain risks. Emails can be used as entry points to get your computer infected with malware, ransomware, and spyware. Hackers use various techniques to attach these malicious files with emails to trick your employees.

They can send professionally crafted emails with a domain that might seem legit. Therefore, you can educate your employees by showing them examples of phishing emails to reduce the risk of such attacks. You can also deploy a security layer on your corporate email to prevent these dangerous files from reaching your inbox.

4.      Use of Personal Devices

Employees usually use their personal devices on the go to access the company’s sensitive data. The use of personal devices might seem convenient until a cybercriminal breaches the security of your entire system. This is because personal devices are comparatively more exposed to viruses and malicious content on the internet.

Therefore, when they are used to gain access to your confidential data, it can make your organization vulnerable. The best way to reduce the chances of these attacks is by restricting your employees from using their devices. If this is not possible, then it’s important to give them access to only the data they need.

5.      Limited Resources to Track IT Issues

Most digital companies are only focused on generating more and more revenue without acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity. This is why they don’t have access to a system that can track down vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure. Not having a reliable monitoring system can make your unclosed loopholes visible to cybercriminals.

Professional cybersecurity companies can audit your entire IT infrastructure comprehensively to find security gaps. They can give you detailed insights into all the aspects of your company that have weakened security. You can acquire managed security services from experts to fix IT loopholes in your company and keep cybercriminals at bay.

6.      No two-factor authentication

Another reason for security deficiencies can be that two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, has not been set up. The user must use two different factors for authentication. So, for example, the password on the website and a cell phone with a fingerprint sensor to activate the login. Safety-critical areas can be successfully secured in this way. Even if an attacker knows your password, he is usually missing the second factor for a successful login. Two-factor authentication is often omitted for convenience. A big mistake.

7.      Generic usernames

Predefined user names are also often used. This refers to automatically assigned names such as “Admin” or “User10”. These are assigned by different systems as soon as they have been successfully set up. The security risk here is that everyone who knows the system also knows the names of potential users. In this way, initial data can often be collected or read out, which can then be used even more extensively in combination with the password or other access.

Looking for Cybersecurity Services to Close Loopholes?

Your company may be at risk due to unclosed security gaps that can lead to serious consequences. Professional cybersecurity security services can harden your system security by closing all existing loopholes. Contact now to safeguard your company by deploying 24/7 active security services.

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