Navigating Corsair Power Supplies: Your Easy Guide to Prices and Purchases

Navigating Corsair Power Supplies: Your Easy Guide to Prices and Purchases

Be it designing a gaming or work PC, You will have to get a stable source of electricity, and Corsair is one such brand. This article will analyze the cost of Corsair power units and advise on which one to get.

Corsair Power Supply Price Range:

The Corsair power supplies price depends on elements such as how much capacity they provide, whether or not it is modular, and leveling their efficiency certifications. After verifying all these options, you may decide whether to purchase the Corsair power supplies or not.

  • Entry-Level Option

For those who are on a lean budget, the Corsair CV550 Bronze Non-Modular PSU (Power Supply Unit) can be an excellent option because it comes at Rs. 4,299. The best part is that it even provides the users with a great blend of performance even at this price.

  • Mid-Range Choice

If you have a minimum budget, you can move up slightly and buy Corsair power supply (RM750e ATX), which you can get at Rs. 9,288. It is terrific for users who are looking for a power supply that ensures efficiency and the benefit of modular cables.

  • Premium Power

In the premium option, the Corsair HX1500i Platinum Fully Modular PSU (150 Watt) is priced at Rs. $34,878 for hardcore gamers or professionals. Although it is a little costly, it is best in terms of power and efficiency.

Tips for Buying Corsair Power Supplies

Before you buy Corsair power supply, it is essential to note down the following tips to simplify your purchasing decision.

1. Check Your Power Needs:

Calculate the power requirements of your computer components. However, Corsair presents power supplies ranging from 450 watts to 1600 watts, depending on your needs and preferences.

2. Look for Modularity:

If you want a tidier PC with less cable mess, opt for the modular power supply unit by Corsair RM750e. You can plug in only the cables you require.

3. Understand Certifications:

Most Corsair power supplies also have some certifications, such as 80 PLUS Gold or Platinum. These show the efficiency of the power supply. Gold and platinum are good energy-saving or heat-cutting options.

4. Set Your Budget:

You must know and evaluate the Corsair power supply price. Consider spending more on the power supply if it is of higher wattage to futureproof your system.

5. Read Reviews:

Look at reviews of the power supply you want to buy. Knowing about a specific model’s strengths and possible dynamics is always good, while Corsair has always been the brand that can be trusted.


Striking the right compromise between what you want and what you can afford is crucial when you buy Corsair power supply. Pay attention to the prices, search for discounts, and arm your PC with Corsair’s reliable technology.


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