Don’t Let That Walmart Gift Card Go to Waste – Here’s How to Sell It

Are you a sophisticated Walmart customer who already has a gift card but has never used it? You may have bought it as a gift, but you rarely go to Walmart shopping. You may own a lot of gift cards, and you just want an easier way of managing your spending.

Still interested why? Guess what? It could be easily converted from the WalMart eVouchers into real cash. It’s true! There are also some ways you will sell Walmart gift card for instant cash.

Common Options to Sell Walmart gift cards for instant cash.

Here, we outline the most effective ways you might consider for your Walmart gift card selling and determine which matches your needs the best. Are you selling, looking for the most money, or would you just like a quick source of cash? Here’s where you can find the two.

 1. Gift Card Exchange Websites

A gift card exchange website can be used to convert a Walmart gift card quickly. All you need to do is enter the card number together with the balance specification, and the site will gladly make you a suitable offer. If approved, they’ll place a transfer of the cash to you via direct deposit or check.

Nevertheless, you just don’t get the whole value of the card since the website has to accrue profits; a much lower rate will be offered, usually around 70-90% of the card’s original value.

3. Selling to a Friend or Family Member

One of your choices may be to sell this Walmart gift card to a person you know well, a friend, or a family member. This means that you can officially benefit from the total savings of such a discount card because you won’t be paying a commission to a third party.

3. Direct marketing

Direct marketing can bring you better margins than going through an intermediary. On the one hand, it is the fact that you have to seek a person who is interested in your car, and this will undoubtedly delay the process.

4. Entering e-commerce via an Online Marketplace

In addition, you can advertise the Walmart gift card for sale using an online marketing platform, such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This is similar to the direct selling, but you are not limited to individual buyers. The picking is done from a wider pool of readers.


In a nutshell, keep the usable Walmart gift cards from sitting in your pocket. That plastic can be cash in your bank account if you sell through an online exchange, to a friend, or on a marketplace. Check out the other possible ways to transform the gift cards into the money you need.

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