Embrace the View, Defy the Storm: French Impact Doors for Your Home

French Impact Doors offers a beautiful and functional solution for homeowners who desire the classic elegance of French doors with the added benefit of superior protection against harsh weather conditions.  These doors feature two hinged panels that swing in or out, creating a wide opening that floods your home with natural light and fresh air.  However, unlike traditional French doors, French Impact Doors are built to withstand the strongest storms.

The secret lies in their specially designed construction. French Impact Doors utilize laminated glass panes, which are much stronger than standard glass.  This lamination process involves bonding a thin layer of plastic between two glass panels.  The plastic interlayer strengthens the glass significantly, preventing it from shattering even under heavy impact from windborne debris.  Additionally, the frames of French Impact Doors are typically constructed from reinforced aluminum or vinyl, providing extra stability and structural integrity.

With French Impact Doors, you can enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of French doors with complete peace of mind.  They not only enhance your home’s aesthetics but also provide an extra layer of security and protection against the elements.  For more information on French Impact Doors and how they can elevate your home, contact Orlando T Group, your trusted provider of top-quality impact windows and doors.

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