Essential Custom Tea Box Packaging Tips and Benefits

Tea’s popularity is global. The Tea Association USA reports that Americans drink 3 billion cups of tea daily. Mintel’s Global New Products Database reports 455 tea varieties. When there are a lot of packaging options available to you, it is difficult to select the most compatible. So be precise in your selection to make your product more tasty and aesthetic.

There are two main types of tea:

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea

Fully-oxidized black tea tastes stronger and richer. Green tea is less oxidized and tastes gentler. Black tea is commonly blended with milk or sugar, while green tea is usually consumed alone.

Bleached or unbleached paper and cotton are used to make tea bags. Due to their sealed packaging, tea bags contain the same quantity of tea as loose-leaf teas but require fewer leaves.

Do you like tea?

The time has come to choose tea glasses. What tea mugs work best? Favorite tea cup? If not, consider these factors before choosing your new favorite.

This blog post covers everything from fundamental tea cup kinds to advanced factors like form and size. Our buying guide will help you choose the right one!

Tips for Perfect Tea Box Packaging

Starting a tea company is thrilling but hard work. You must discover ingredient suppliers, design, packaging, and a firm name. Custom tea box packaging is the ideal way to start and stand out in the market. Make the perfect tea box that stands out on all levels with these recommendations.

Without appropriate resources, keeping tea fresh is difficult. Most tea lovers store their tea in airtight containers to maintain freshness.

  • I store my tea in custom tea boxes, which work well. Organizing teas is easier with unique packaging. Plus, there are several box styles based on your storage needs. Better still, they make great gifts for any occasion!
  • These boxes look fantastic and are functional. Many have partitions to arrange your tea collection. Most are manufactured from high-quality materials that shield tea from light and moisture.
  • These boxes preserve tea’s flavor, aroma, and benefits for anytime enjoyment!

Custom made Tea Boxes Offer Many Benefits

Food-grade bespoke tea boxes have several advantages. One perk is that they offer wonderful organization choices to separate your teas. With a food-safe box, you may make separate sections for each kind.

This makes it easy to find the tea you want when you need it and makes it attractive organizing. Another benefit is their large range of sizes and forms. This lets you choose the finest one for your collection without worrying about space.

Custom Tea Boxes Protect Tea from Light and Air

Tea leaves are thin and delicate, making them sensitive to light and air. This makes it susceptible to absorbing the elements, which can swiftly destroy its flavor. You should store your tea in a container that filters sunlight and seals out oxygen.

For tea protection, anything from special food-grade cardboard cartons may work. If one doesn’t work, there’s probably another that can help you store tea.

Custom tea boxes make great Gifts

They can be used to thank a mentor or family member who has shaped your life. They can also be delivered as gratitude or apologies. Custom tea boxes are also given on birthdays, holidays, and weddings.

Design factors to consider Custom tea box presentation

Presenting personalized teas in unique tea boxes is beautiful. Custom tea packaging show professionalism and concern about product presentation. They “dress” up the plain white or paper-banded contents inside to make them worth buying. To get your name out there, make sure your packaging is proper. Quality products inside make people want to test them to discover what all the hype is about!

To create customized tea boxes with a logo, consider the number of tea varieties you offer. Make sure your personalized tea boxes match your types without looking too identical. Creating a unique tea box with your logo and contact information and packaging all your teas in baggies is a simple way to sell them.

Design, print, and accurate sizing

Size is another consideration: how much tea will each custom-printed tea box hold? Before packaging your products, measure them to determine a custom printed tea box size that fits. If your product doesn’t come in a standard size (loose leaf vs. bagged), you should base your size choice on how many ounces or grams are in a typical serving and if buyers will finish a box in one sitting.


Third, choose a material for your personalized tea boxes. Cardboard and paperboard (which comes in many more forms) are the most prevalent materials. Cardboard is stronger but heavier than paperboard, which is more flexible but flimsier. Since shipping prices depend on weight, using lighter custom tea box packaging may save you money if clients order many containers! Remember that offset printing requires 100 lb. or more, thermography 60-80 lb., and letterpress 65 lb. (only acceptable for smaller custom tea boxes).

Packaging Methods

You must also decide how to package your custom-printed tea boxes: shrink-wrapped, glued, or taped. Shrink-wrapped boxes can’t be glue-sealed or taped shut, but don’t limit yourself! A “tuck top” box is a fantastic alternative since the flaps on top fold over into each other without tape or glue, sealing the container. With the Custom pack Box, you can approach the fine material of the product packaging with different unique styles. 

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