Exploring Bangalore with Tempo Traveller: The Ultimate Guide by TaxiYatri

A city that is replete in finding the perfect balance between the past and the present, Bangalore, also called the Silicon Valley of India. If one is in Bangalore on some business or just for a vacation then the place is sure to suit every interest. If you need to travel within the city and around the nearby places with sheer ease, hiring a Tempo Traveller in Bangalore can be an ideal option for you. Our Tempo Traveller services at TaxiYatri thus give our clients the best experience as they engage in their journey.

Tempo Traveller: One of the Best Transport Solutions for Bangalore

1. Comfort and Space

Collective travel, requires comfort and space especially when young children are part of the group or people who have health complications. A tempo traveller provides enough space for passengers and some luggage, it is perfectly suitable for organizing a family trip, a business event or a tourist group. This means that all the passengers can move around as well as they can when they are not inside a car without feeling that they are too close to one another.

Tempo Traveller in Bangalore

2. Cost-Effective

Transportation with full cooperation of many cabs becomes a strain on the group’s finances. A Tempo Traveller is cheaper than others as can seat about 12-16 passengers, but this is ideal for big families. This means that cost can be divided among the group and therefore is more economical to practice since each person would contribute towards the cost.

3. Convenience

Working in a new environment can be quite a daunting experience all the more since the streets of Bangalore are filled with traffic. Another advantage you can always dream yourself a competent driver who will take you through the city and familiar with the roads. This means that one has no exertion needed of driving and no need to look for places to go through either, thus helping one book a ride and sit back to enjoy the journey.

Tempo Traveller in Delhi

Tempo Traveller is one of the excellent modes of transport with full of enjoyment. In this way, tempo traveller is one of the great transport means full of fun In this way, tempo traveller is one of the great transport means full of fun.

1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Karnataka: For all those who love nature, a visit to the Lalbagh Botanical Garden will make for an exciting trip as the place is filled with a delightful variety of plants. Situated on around 240 acres of area it offers the visitors a glasshouse that was designed in the form of the crystal palace built in London, a lake and many more places of tourist attractions. This green oasis is a perfect place, and if you are in a group, you will have to hire a tempo traveller to take you there comfortably.

2. Bangalore Palace

The palace is quite magnificent and indeed has British architectural influence particularly in that styles popular in the Tudor era. Comprising a vast lawn and providing an insight about the erstwhile royal stay of Jaipur, the entrance to the palace has three gates with the main gate being Hawa Pol or the939. It will be convenient for your group to visit this historically significant place without the stress of looking for a parking space or getting lost in traffic patterns since hiring a Tempo Traveller takes care of these issues.

Tempo Traveller in Jaipur

3. Cubbon Park

Another park that we see in the central part of Bangalore is Cubbon Park which also provides people with wonderful opportunity to free from stress and boredom of a big city. For more information on the park such as and fun activities like picnicking, taking leisurely walks and the general scenic beauty of the area, the Tempo Traveller is perfect for your group.

4. ISKCON Temple

Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple, which is considered to be one of the biggest ISKCON temples globally, is a highly revered religious site that draws the revered souls from the surrounding countries. The temple is not just big with great architecture, there is much to explore around the entire compound and with a Tempo Traveller, one can be sure that one can spend enough time exploring the temple and it’s beauty and tranquillity.

Tempo Traveller in Mumbai

5. Nandi Hills

For those who wish to have a getaway away from the crowded urban centres, Nandi Hills is the perfect place to visit. Nandi hills are situated at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Bangalore; here, tourists get to enjoy picturesque scenes, nice climate, and serene environment. The slightly longer time spent in Tempo Traveller is fairly comfortable, and hence, it is ideal for a one day trip.

Here Are The Reasons That Make TaxiYatri The Best Option To Rent out Tempo Traveller

1. Well-Maintained Fleet

Proud of the fact that we at TaxiYatri have all the best and modern tempo traveler rented at our place in pleasing condition. Our vehicles are well maintained through servicing and professional cleaning to cater for any major trip.

Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

2. Experienced Drivers

It is due to the fact that our drivers are experienced professionals who are well acquainted with routes and traffic patterns in Bangalore. They are trained to guarantee the safety of our passengers together with providing the guarantee that your journey will be a comfortable one.

3. Flexible Booking Options

In regards to booking, we are very adaptable to your convenience with a first-come first-served system. Whether it is a short trip that only requires hiring a Tempo Traveller for a few hours or a longer trip where one will require the services of a Tempo Traveller for the whole day or longer, TaxiYatri can assist. Convenience of your vehicle rental booking process has been considered and can be accomplished without difficulties.

Tempo Traveller in Ghaziabad

4. Transparent Pricing

Back at TaxiYatri, a clear stand was taken by the company on a particularly sensitive issue – and it was all about the transparency. Pricing is reasonable and transparent, with no addition charges that are normally charged by other companies. There are no additional hidden costs or charges, which means that you can accurately plan your budget according to the price displayed here and the price that you will have to pay.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

It is a common fact that one has to change travel plans at any given time of the year. That is why, you can always contact our team of representatives who are available around the clock, in case if you have any questions or changes to your booking. Rest assured that our skilled team members are always on standby to assist you to have a fruitful experience with us.

Tempo Traveller in Pune

Steps to track down the best tempo traveller for your occasion and book a tempo traveller from TaxiYatri.

Step 1: Come check out our website today

The process is quite simple; the next step to learn more about the services we are talking about is to visit the TaxiYatri website and move to the Tempo Traveller part.

Step 2: A Car To Suit Your Needs

Going through the catalogue of Tempo Travellers below, select on the one that meets your requirements. You can check more detailed details of each car such as the passenger capacity and add-on features.

Step 3: Kindly complete this form with the following basic personal information.

Kindly share with us your travel itinerary and include the date, time, and place of pickup. If the horse has any special requirement, they can be as mentioned at this point.

Step 4: Today, we are grateful to see that you have shown your interest to join us and attend our event and we request you to please confirm your booking now.

Once again, check the sections you have selected and the price that is shown, and then go to the payment sections. Once you decide to take a particular tour, you will be provided with the booking confirmation report, while a confirmation email will be sent to you containing all the relevant details.

Tempo Traveller in Chandigarh

Step 5: It’s a process that journalists, writers, filmmakers, and explorers should approach with joy and gratitude and with this note, I bid you adieu.

On the day when you are supposed to start your journey, your Tempo Traveller will be available at the agreed time and place. You don’t have to do anything other than quit driving and let our qualified driver drive you around to wherever you need to be.

Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India” is one of the most well-developed and beautiful cities in India, with a cosmopolitan and progressive appeal. To make your trip to Bangalore an enjoyable one, here are some tips.

Plan Ahead: Having been to the city of Bangalore, I was surprised to find many things that interested me. As for tours, a good recommendation is to make a schedule so you do not miss any important tourist destination.

Stay Hydrated: Winter is comparatively colder and summer season is hot but not too high contrast to the northern Indian cities whereas the Monsoon is moderate the whole season from June to September. Remember to take bottled water with you so that you can be able to quench your thirst, especially if you are going to be moving around outdoors, visiting attractions.

Dress Comfortably: Suggest to dress casually and practitioners sport shoes if you intend to go for a walk at parks or even to Nandi Hills.

Carry Essentials: Ensure you pack some basics like a sunscreen lotion, hats, and sunglasses when going out to prevent these effects of the sun.

Be Mindful of Traffic: Well everybody knows that Bangalore is a city that has a rather big and bad traffic. This knowledge will be useful in planning for any trips you have in order to ensure you do not end up stuck in traffic.

Tempo Traveller in Dehradun


Discovering the beauties of Bangalore and its Environs is an enjoyable experience that is even more enhanced if done in a Tempo Traveller. Here at TaxiYatri, ensuring that our rental services are at their best so that every trip you take is comfortable. Whether you are taking a tour of this city and it’s attractions or you are undertaking a day’s excursion our Tempo Travellers are the best for your large group. Book a Taxi with us today and witness the experience provided by the TaxiYatri.

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