How to Fix Arlo Camera That is Not Recording Motion?

The Arlo camera is a highly impressive and innovative home security device available today, boasting several useful features to help with monitoring and tracking. Nevertheless, WiFi cameras – including the Arlo camera – can run into problems from time to time. Commonly during their lifespan, these devices will experience motion detection failures. This issue may be due to firmware or connectivity challenges as well as battery-related complications affecting your gadget’s function of recording motion. If you are experiencing this problem with your Arlo Camera that is not recording motion despite its placement in an appropriate location for such activities intended why don’t you worry? We have got just what it takes to guide you through fixing this challenge!

This post aims to educate you about the possible reasons for this problem and guide you in resolving it independently. We will begin with an overview of Arlo camera not recording motion failure, followed by troubleshooting tips.

What is the reason for Arlo cameras not recording motion?

Arlo cameras may experience difficulty in recording motion events due to several possible factors. Here are some potential reasons why Arlo cameras might fail to record movement:

Battery Issue

If the battery is running low, it’s possible that motion won’t be detected and recorded by the camera. Make sure to verify that a reliable power source is available for the camera.

Configuration for motion detection

If the motion detection settings are inadequate or disabled, there is a possibility that the camera won’t capture any movement. It’s important to check if these settings have been properly configured for accurate recording.

Camera is not placed correctly.

One of the leading causes for Arlo cameras failing to record motion is due to their obstruction or improper placement, which can hinder detection capabilities.

Outdated Firmware

If the firmware of a camera is outdated or flawed, it may not be capable of recording motion effectively. Additionally, if there is any malfunction or corruption in the firmware, updating it might become necessary.

Issues related to network or connectivity.

Poor network connectivity can result in the camera failing to capture motion. If your router or modem is turned off, it’s likely that you won’t see any recorded activity from your Arlo cameras.

Camera with faults/errors.

Arlo support should be consulted if the camera is malfunctioning or broken in order to address the possibility of motion not being captured.

What are the steps to resolve the problem of Arlo cameras not recording motion?

Having learned about the common causes of motion detection failure, you can now take these troubleshooting measures to resolve the problem:

Check the battery

If the battery is low, motion detection and recording may not be possible for the camera. It would be wise to charge the battery in order to determine if this resolves the problem.

Make sure to properly set up the motion detection settings

Make sure to activate and properly configure the motion detection settings. Adjusting sensitivity and detection zones can ensure that the camera records accurately in desired locations.

Make sure that the camera is placed correctly.

In order for motion to be detected by the camera, proper placement is crucial. Confirm that there are no obstructions and the camera is oriented correctly towards its intended area of coverage.

Update Arlo Firmware

Make sure that your camera has the latest firmware by checking with the Arlo app. You can update it through this platform as well. However, if you’re still experiencing issues where motion is not being recorded by your Arlo cameras, proceed to the next step.

Please restart your camera.

Disconnect and reconnect the camera to its power source as a means of restarting it.

Reset Arlo Camera

If the above steps do not work, attempt resetting the camera to its default settings. To achieve this, press and hold down the reset button on the camera for 10 seconds.

How to Troubleshoot Advanced Issues with Arlo Camera’s Motion Detection Failure.

If you have attempted the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier and your Arlo cameras still aren’t recording motion, then advanced troubleshooting methods should be employed. Please follow the instructions below:

Please reset the base station.

To reset the base station, first press and hold the reset button until you see an amber flicker in the power LED. Once this occurs, wait for the reboot of your base station before releasing that same button.

Check the connectivity once again.

Following that, assess the strength of the signal between the camera and base station. If it is found to be weak, consider relocating or including a Wi-Fi range extender in order to enhance connectivity.

Adjust the settings for motion detection.

Check whether modifying the motion detection configurations resolves the issue. For improved motion capturing, you can tweak factors such as sensitivity level, detection area and additional settings.

Verify for any obstructive elements.

Search for potential sources of disruption, such as nearby Wi-Fi signals, microwaves or other electronic gadgets that could impede the camera’s motion detection capabilities.


To sum it up, Arlo cameras may fail to record motion due to various factors such as low battery level, incorrect motion detection settings or positioning, firmware issues, network connectivity problems and camera defects. Basic ways of addressing these concerns include examining the battery life status; verifying the parameters for detecting movements; ensuring an optimal deployment location for capturing footage; updating or rebooting the device software and performing a reset operation on the camera.

The focus of this guide was on resolving Arlo camera motion detection issues using highly effective troubleshooting steps. We trust that you found the information helpful in restoring your Arlo’s recording capabilities. Should any further concerns or uncertainties arise, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the reason for my Arlo cameras not recording any motion?

Several factors may cause your Arlo camera to fail in recording motion, such as depleted battery life, incorrect settings for detecting motions, ineffective positioning of the device, firmware issues or glitches with poor network connectivity and a malfunctioning camera.

How to fix Arlo camera motion detection issues?

If you’re experiencing issues with your camera, there are a number of basic troubleshooting techniques to try including checking the battery level, motion detection settings and positioning of the camera. You can also restart or reset it if necessary. However, in case these methods don’t solve your issue(s), feel free to reach out for further assistance from Arlo support team or try advanced troubleshooting options.


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