Have you ever wondered how moisturizer should be applied to the face? Probably not, because it’s one of those things that goes without saying, right? But you’ll think again once you learn more about using moisturizer and how to make sure the results on your face are exactly what you want.

How Much Moisturizer Should You Use?

How often; At what step in your skincare routine? Read on for the answers to these questions, so you can be sure to get the most out of the moisturizer you choose. Get paper and a pencil!

How should you apply moisturizer to your face to get the most out of its benefits?

Maybe you’re not applying your moisturizer correctly. You may be using too much product, or skipping some of the steps that will help your skin absorb it as well as possible. By following these 5 simple steps, you will be sure that your skin is fully enjoying all the benefits of your moisturizer.

How much moisturizer should you use on your face?

Often, we use more than necessary. While there’s no hard-and-fast rule for how much moisturizer to use on the face, the recommended amount is usually less than you might expect. In addition, we tend to use a lot of cream thinking that this will hydrate our skin better. Error!

Experts recommend using an amount roughly equal to a chickpea. Less than you thought, right? A trick to not overdo it is to apply one dot to the forehead, chin, and cheeks. Then, all you have to do is spread the cream all over the face, not neglecting any dehydrated areas.

When should you use your moisturizer?

As you age, hydration will be your skin’s main need. That’s why it’s important to meet this need as early as possible, even if your skin looks hydrated on the surface.

After thinking about how you should apply your moisturizer, you should also think about how often you will apply it. We recommend using a moisturizer for dry skin care morning and night. In the morning, it will give your skin the strength it needs to fight external aggressions such as pollution or free radicals. At night, it will contribute to the cellular repair of the skin, up to its deepest layers. So you’ll wake up with glowing and healthier skin the next morning!

In what order should the moisturizer be applied?

Another important thing to know about your moisturizer. Although it may seem like overkill at times, the order in which you apply your skin care products is very important. Just like your skin, facial care products act layer by layer, and their effectiveness is affected by the condition of your skin, but also by what products you use before or immediately after. That’s why experts recommend washing your face first with a face wash for oily skin, then applying toning lotion, serum, eye cream, and finally your moisturizer. Thus, after the active ingredients of the other products have penetrated, the moisturizer will create a protective barrier on the surface of your skin, locking the precious moisture inside.

How long should you wait before dyeing?

This depends on the type of moisturizer but, in general, it is recommended to wait a few minutes so that the moisturizer does not mix with your makeup. One trick to help your skin absorb this hydration is to engage in other skincare routines or activities after cleansing your face and before applying makeup. That way, you’ll get the most out of your time!

How should you apply your moisturizer?

Last but not least! Now you know what moisturizer to use when to apply it, and in what order. But what is the right way to do it? Moisturizer can do a lot more than you think, and applying it holds an age-old beauty secret. It’s not about just spreading it all over your face and waiting for it to absorb. See this stage as an opportunity to gently massage your face, to stimulate microcirculation in your skin. It will only take you 2-3 minutes. By making circular movements from the center of the face outwards, you will help your skin absorb the moisturizer and activate the blood flow. This will help your skin to acquire a healthier color and enhance its brightness. In short, it will improve her overall appearance on days when you feel more tired than usual.

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