Hyundai Venue: A Comprehensive Guide to its Interior and Specifications

The automotive market in India has witnessed a remarkable entrant that has captivated the hearts of many – the Hyundai Venue. This well-designed sub-4 meter SUV has not only presented a new benchmark in design but has also brought forth a wave of advanced technology through its BlueLink-connected car tech. Its safety features are also top-notch. Six airbag standards and a strong body structure with AHSS make it perfect for all terrains. Let’s discover the essence of its interior and specifications that make it a noteworthy contender in the compact SUV segment.


Unfolding the Aesthetics

The Hyundai Venue is synonymous with elegance and functionality. The Indian model boasts a sophisticated black cabin adorned with brushed silver detailing, enhancing the aura of its interior. These details are manifested in the air-conditioning vents, steering, and gear lever housing, presenting a harmonious blend of aesthetics and ergonomics.


Seating & Upholstery

The Hyundai Venue interior accommodates five individuals comfortably and exhibits black leather upholstery with a finely contoured design. The white stitching along the edges adds a touch of contrast, embodying a blend of comfort and style. The removable headrests ensure customisable comfort, ensuring a pleasant journey for all occupants.


Dashboard & Controls

The dashboard blends modernity and simplicity, housing a new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The multifunctional steering wheel hosts audio, telephony, and cruise controls, ensuring easy access and enhanced driving experience.

Safety Features

The car has 6 Airbags Standard (driver, passenger, side & curtain), which proves its uncompromising approach to safety measures. It also has a tyre pressure monitoring system, improving your driving experience.

Hyundai Venue specifications extend to be revolutionary in design; the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) harnesses cutting-edge automated sensing technology, integrating an intricate network of radars, sensors, and cameras. This sophisticated system goes beyond obstacle detection; it interprets the road environment with unmatched precision.

Cabin Features

Equipped with an array of features like automatic climate control, voice recognition, electric sunroof, rear AC vents, and a cooled glovebox, the Venue stands as a symbol of luxury and convenience. The feature-rich cabin ensures a delightful and comfortable driving experience.


Hyundai Venue Luggage Space

The elegance of design and practicality is evident in the Hyundai Venue luggage space. The Venue’s luggage compartment is a testament to Hyundai’s thoughtful design approach, ensuring that no matter the journey, your essentials are always accommodated with ease.


Whether going on a short drive to the local market or on a long, adventurous vacation, the Hyundai Venue is ready to house your belongings securely. The space is meticulously crafted to balance ample storage and comfortable cabin space perfectly.


The rear seats can be folded to create additional space, accommodating larger items or extra luggage for those long holiday trips. The low-loading lip and wide opening enhance the ease of loading and unloading. This feature resonates well with daily utility and occasional needs.


Other Notable Hyundai Venue Specifications


Engine & Performance

For power and efficiency, the Hyundai Venue offers a range of engine options to cater to varied preferences. The performance is tuned to suit the Indian driving conditions, ensuring a smooth and responsive drive.


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The Hyundai Venue introduces the realm of connected vehicles through its innovative BlueLink connectivity system. This system bridges the driver and the vehicle, fostering a dialogue that enhances the driving experience manifold. With a suite of 33 connectivity features, it is like having a vigilant companion on board.


The geo-fencing feature is a virtual boundary creator, enabling owners to keep tabs on their vehicle, a feature especially beneficial in fleet management or ensuring the safety of a loved one. Speed alerts serve as a vigilant companion, providing real-time alerts, thus promoting safer driving practices.


The SOS feature is a lifesaver in unforeseen circumstances, enabling prompt assistance and elevating the safety quotient. Moreover, the Hyundai Venue extends its connectivity features to practical realms with destination sharing, making social interactions smooth and enjoyable. The real-time roadside assistance feature is like having a helping hand always ready, ensuring peace of mind during journeys. Hyundai has tailored these features to cater to the Indian market, showcasing a deep understanding of the local needs and driving conditions.


Wrapping Up

The Hyundai Venue specifications are not merely limited to transportation but an experience waiting to be embraced. With its plush interior, advanced specifications, and connected features, it’s a step towards modern, comfortable, and safe driving. The Hyundai Venue is a delightful addition to the Indian automotive landscape, promising a blend of style, comfort, and technology.

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