Know the Consequences and Prevent Damage of Window Seal

You might wonder if you can mend a broken window seal yourself since you want to restore it as soon as possible to keep your warm or cold air inside and your energy bill as low as possible. To know about glass replacement, you should also have ideas on damage prevention!

Although you may temporarily use tape to repair a damaged window seal, this is not a long-term cure. Ensure you have the necessary equipment, supplies, and expertise to correct the task. For this reason, hiring a professional is a popular choice.

How to Identify a Broken Window Seal?

Window seals are vulnerable to cracking in severe weather conditions and years after installation. Checking your windows for indications of window seal failure is crucial since several methods exist to identify whether you have a damaged window seal. There’s a high possibility the seal has failed if you observe any of the following on the basis of glass replacement:

1. See lights entering through the window frame’s edges

To ensure no light is coming through, inspecting the window and the margins around the entire window and window frame is crucial. If light is visible, it is a warning sign that the window seal is broken.

2. Your window panes appear foggy or fogged up.

The most typical indication that window seals are failing is foggy windows, which you can rapidly replace. If your window has two panes, there’s a chance that the seal between them is damaged, which lets moisture in. As a result, condensation may accumulate inside the window panes, giving the impression that they are foggy.

3. You sense air drafts coming in through your window.

If you feel drafts of fresh air entering your house through your windows, you could have a damaged seal. A window specialist should check this out immediately to ensure that your draughty windows save you money and energy.

Why does the window seal break?

Some problems can cause damage and break the window seal. Have a look at a few reasons to manage window seal break and glass replacement:

  • Change of temperature: Temperature changes may cause the seal to break over time. A seal expands, and in cold weather, it constricts. These alterations have the potential to weaken and break a seal over time.
  • Inappropriate installation: To seal the locks adequately, you must place the window appropriately. If you have any doubts about the quality of the installation of your window, be sure to see a professional.
  • Accidental damage: A window’s seal may burst from anything striking or breaking the glass. If you have kids or dogs, you should inspect your window more frequently because breaking the seal on a window takes little force.
  • Age of the material: The rubber gasket that double-paned windows employ to keep moisture out can deteriorate over time, leading to a break in the window seal and moisture leakage. Pressure from the glass panes, along with strong winds and home shifting, is another factor that can cause window seals to fail. Chemicals can also dissolve the sealing substance.

What Takes Place If a Broken Window Seal Is Not Fixed?

Your energy cost may increase if your window seals break for an extended period since your window will no longer operate as an insulator against the outside temperature. In severe circumstances, allowing moisture to leak in might cause water damage that affects the surrounding environment. This may encourage the growth of mildew or mould. The possibility of replacing broken seals lowers with time, and further issues might occur.

Why It’s Important to Fix a Broken Window Seal Right Away?

A damaged window seal can cause more issues than foggy windows. If you choose not to fix a cracked window seal, you put yourself in danger of various serious problems, such as:

  • Water Damage: Water damage is another issue that might arise. Mould and mildew can develop in your house if moisture seeps in through window seals. This might harm your home and result in significant health issues for you and your family. You should immediately choose a reputable window company to fix your damaged window to avoid these issues. Should these issues persist, it could be necessary to replace the window entirely.
  • Not Enough Insulation: If the window seal is damaged, your house will have inadequate insulation. This is especially problematic in the winter when heat escapes through the damaged seals, and you may find yourself cranking up the heat more frequently. Similarly, during the summer, when heat enters your house via the windows, your air conditioner must work harder to keep your home cool. Your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your house at a reasonable temperature, increasing energy costs.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I keep a window’s seals from breaking?

One strategy to avoid window seal breaking is to prevent using high-pressure washing to clean the exterior of the windows. Water pressure entering the sash may damage the seal.

Additionally, refrain from removing old paint or varnish with a heat gun. The heat can harm the seal and cause it to fail. You should also avoid employing chemical strippers to keep the seal from cracking needlessly.

2. How can windows become affected by a lot of sunlight?

High exposure to sunlight increases the likelihood of seal failure in windows. A window’s glass expands in the sun’s heat, pressing on the seal. The glass compresses and cools once again at night. This recurring procedure, called “solar pumping,” can cause a window seal to break.

3. Are you seeking an expert to mend your broken window seal?

For advice on replacing your window or fixing the seal, speak with the experts at Kent Glaziers. We’ll be able to evaluate the damage and provide you with a precise estimate of the necessary repairs.

Summing Up

If you are considering glass replacement, you need to know a few consequences and prevention steps based on the damage caused by fixing your window seal. Kent Glaziers’ experts can help you manage the repair and replacement of glass.


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