Making an Impact as a Leading Media Expert

In the world of media, making an impact requires more than just having a platform to share your thoughts and ideas. It requires expertise, credibility, and a commitment to integrity. Few individuals embody these qualities more than Mark Bourrie, a Canadian journalist, lawyer, and award-winning author with a rich history in the media landscape.

Mark Bourrie: A Multifaceted Media Expert

Mark Bourrie has not only made a name for himself as a significant voice in the Canadian media landscape, but he has also proven that he can wear many hats. As a journalist, he was a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery from 1994-2018. He has shared his knowledge as an educator, teaching media history and journalism at Concordia University, history at Carleton University, and Canadian Studies at The University of Ottawa.

Beyond journalism and academia, Mark Bourrie also holds a Ph.D. in History and is a practicing lawyer. His legal insights have often informed his public discourse, particularly in his criticism of “opportunistic opposition MPs and a reckless desperate media.”

An Award-Winning Author

Mark Bourrie’s literary contributions are far from negligible. With 14 books under his belt, including the RBC Taylor Prize-winning “Bush Runner: The Adventures of Pierre Radisson,” his work has made significant waves in the world of nonfiction. His book “Kill the Messenger: Stephen Harper’s Assault on Your Right to Know” was a Globe and Mail Top 100 book of the year, further cementing his status as a leading voice in Canadian media and journalism.

Fair Press: Elevating Journalism Through Integrity

In 2019, Mark Bourrie founded Fair Press, a platform dedicated to sharing insights and analyses about the press, politics, and current events in Canada. Fair Press stands as a testament to Bourrie’s belief in a vibrant, fair press as one of the few protections against arbitrary power.

Fair Press’s mission is to hold the media and politicians accountable and ensure Canadians have fair and equitable access to all the facts on relevant subjects that concern them. Guided by unwavering integrity, it upholds the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality, and fairness.


Mark Bourrie’s illustrious career in the media industry is a testament to the impact one can have when equipped with expertise, credibility, and a commitment to integrity. His contributions as a journalist, author, and founder of Fair Press serve as a guide for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact as a media expert. Through his work, he invites us all to consider the importance of a free and fair press and the role it plays in our society.


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