Reasons Why Students Should Avoid Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, everyone is looking for convenience which is provided by Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Although AI has made everything easy and convenient for us, especially for students, it can still be a hassle. People might choose AI to get things done faster but that does not mean that it’s right. Students might use it to get help with their assignments but it always comes with a price. You can easily tell AI to do my assignment but the result might not be good. 

Using AI also has some major drawbacks like, the information is out-of-date and it might not give you a detailed explanation. Also, if someone is doing their work on their own rather than using AI, then it can take away their deserved positions from them. Using AI as a student has many drawbacks which is why totally depending on its use as AI can destroy your peace too. Here are 9 major drawbacks of using AI for students that should be avoided at all costs. 

  • High cost 
  • Over reliance 
  • Risk of plagiarism 
  • Inequality 
  • Loss of human interaction 
  • Outdated data 
  • Security concerns 
  • Addiction 
  • No personalization 

High cost: 

Using AI might look like an easy option but some benefits comes with a price. Being a student, it might not be easy for you to afford the premium features of AI and that can create unnecessary be a burden on you. Not being able to afford these features will make things hard for you if you already getting addicted to it, which is why it is always better to stay away from Artificial Intelligence and rely on your mental and physical capabilities.

Over reliance: 

Someone who uses AI in every other assignment, will find it extremely hard to work on their own. They will be overly reliant on these features and ask help from AI for every little thing. This might help them in school but once they will enter their professional life, things will take a completely different turn for them and they will find themselves in the hot water. 

Risk of plagiarism: 

If every other student is using Artificial Intelligence for their assignments then, there is a huge possibility that everyone has the same work. If that’s not the case then, you will find plagiarism in your work because the AI also used information from some other source. In some institutes, the result of plagiarism detection in any paper or assignment is cancellation. It is better to do your assignments on your own instead of risking a cancellation. 


Not everyone is able to afford AI tools, which leads to inequality. If someone is doing their work on their own and the other student is relying on AI, but due to some reason if the over-reliant student gets more recognition then, it will be injustice for everyone. AI can take away opportunities from the deserving person, which is why it is best to fight without any cheating. 

Loss of human interaction: 

People who are more reliant on AI are slowly losing their touch with other humans. They spend all of their time experimenting with different AI tools. They will try to replace their teachers with AI as well, which is a terrifying thing. What our teachers explain to us in the classroom can never be compared with Artificial Intelligence. Which is why it is extremely paramount for students to not completely rely on AI tools. 

Outdated data:

AI tools might have all the information from around the world, but there is a possibility of that information being outdated. Most of the time the dates of special events are incorrect or there is no updated information on an important matter. This outdated information is of no use. That’s why, you have to make sure that your paper or assignment is relevant and there are no errors in it. 

Security concerns: 

We all know that while you are using your favorite AI features, those sites are acquiring your data and your IP address while it is usually not the case when you buy assignment online. Which is why overtime, there have been some security concerns that were raised. While using these features, you have to be extremely careful of any malware pop-ups or viruses. It is better to keep your browser safe from any malicious file. 


Students can easily become addicted to AI tools, so much so, they will not be able to conduct one search without these tools. When they are asked to conduct research from a book, they will find themselves in hot water, as they won’t be able to use their Artificial Intelligence tools. AI might be convenient but it is also becoming highly addictive among students. 

No personalization: 

We all know that AI is a Chatbot and it can never provide a personalized experience to its users. It feels like you are chatting with a complete stranger and since they have no memory of what you searched for yesterday, your content breaks. Moreover, AI might not be able to understand your prompt in one go. You have to explain every point over and over again until it processes it as it is and you get the desired results. All of this can be a frustrating experience for some people. 

AI is neither good nor evil. It’s a tool. It’s a technology for us to use. While there maybe some cool benefits of using AI tools but relying heavily on them for every little thing sounds too dark. If you using AI to assist you, for example getting your content proofread or taking some pointers, it totally worth it. However if you just ask AI to do everything for you A-Z, then you might be undermining your abilities and this if becomes addiction, is going to cost you bad.

There is a famous quote of Stephen Hawking that says, “Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.” And we couldn’t agree more to it.

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