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The 08 tips to Make Valentine’s Day special in Dubai

Valentine’s Day is around. Lover is dominating the world. They say being in love means riding a roller coaster of emotion. One minute, your heart feels joyous; the other minute, it saddens you.

However, one thing will always remain the same. Celebrating the lover’s day with your special ones, and which other city is better for this reason than Dubai? But the question is, how can this metropolitan city make the day special for you?

This is where this article comes to your aid. If you are looking forward to spending some passionate moments in Dubai, keep reading the article. It will illuminate how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubai.

5 Most Romantic Things to Do in Dubai

Valentine’s Day is all about romanticism and doing lovey-dovey things. Dubai is the best place for this purpose because you can go on a safari, enjoy a dhow cruise, or savor dinner in the sky. Also, visiting Miracle Garden and riding a hot air balloon can add the cherry on top. Let’s discuss each of the above idyllic activities one by one:

1.      Go on Safari

The first thing that you should do this Valentine’s Day is to take your beloved on a safari. Nothing can match the picturesque and unrealistic view of the Dubai desert. Dunes pour love, and sand emits steamy vibes.

There are multiple things to do while you are on the desert expedition. Here is a short glimpse:

  • Exploring the landscape of the Dubai desert
  • Experiencing a 4×4 car journey
  • Familiarizing yourself with mesmerizing Arab culture
  • Dining in the heart of the desert

These are only a few adventures that you and your adored one can appreciate during the time. Therefore, people book their Dubai tickets for a safari to celebrate Cupid’s Day.

2.      Enjoy Dhow Cruise

What can be more ardent than enjoying a dhow cruise with your life partner? Spending some time on a cruise and among the peaceful waters is the most romantic thing you can do with your spouse.

And it’s not just about getting on the cruise and relaxing. You can appreciate many merry moments while doing so, for instance:

  • Experiencing amazing cityscape view
  • Taking delight in live entertainment
  • Relishing a variety of international and local recipes

These are not the only spectacular things about going on a dhow cruise. There is more, and you can even customize your tour. In short, a dhow cruise can make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for you and your dear one.

3.      Relish Dinner in the Sky

Do you want to celebrate the most unusual but cherishing dinner with your partner? Then Dinner in the Sky is your answer. This will prove to be a lifelong experience for both of you.

Imagine you are sitting around a table, holding your beloved’s hand. You might think this is a common thing to do. However, the surprise is that this table is lifted by a crane around 164 feet above the ground.

On your arrival, you will be seated on a chair, and after a few minutes, the crane will start taking the table sky-high. You will feel like you are in a parallel universe once the table reaches its destination. Here are the things that you will enjoy during the whole time:

  • Taking pictures with your better half, making enduring memories
  • Savoring every bit of the fancy dinner you will be served
  • Valuing those 90 minutes full of enthrall

4.      Visit Miracle Garden

Red flowers have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day and love. What if we told you that you and your soul mate could spend the whole day surrounded by monuments made of these red flowers?

Yes, you can celebrate Cupid’s Day in the most colorful and fragrant environment. Dubai Miracle Garden is the destination where this dream can come true.

This place is home to more than 45 million flowers that make the whole atmosphere sensual. A Valentine’s Day spent in such a place? There is nothing more intriguing and livelier.

And that’s not all. In Dubai Miracle Garden, flowers have taken the shape of remarkable masterpieces, including heart, teddy bear, and floral clock. You can book your Dubai tickets for this miraculous place to make the day.

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5.      Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Last but not least, riding a hot air balloon is everyone’s dream. Particularly on Valentine’s Day, this can be the best occasion of your life. This can make the saying “Love in the Air” pragmatic for you and your companion.

What can you appreciate while in the big balloon? Here are a few things to mention:

  • Seeing the whole of Dubai from above the sky
  • Observing the riveting sunset view
  • Experiencing a whole new level of serenity

Moreover, you and your spouse will also be rewarded with a certificate of experience to remember the day for the rest of your life.

6.    Discover the world in the Global Village

If you are looking for one of the most romantic places in Dubai, the love-dripping Global Village might be your ideal choice. It is the most romantic destination in Dubai where you will find the perfect mix of culture, shopping and entertainment. Here you can enjoy a wide range of varied events, activities and shows with your partner. Travel the world and visit this destination that showcases over eighty cultures in 26 pavilions. Venture into the strangely wonderful world of Ripley, believe it or not, the region’s first Odditorium.

7.    Take a helicopter ride

Booking a romantic helicopter flight in Dubai is one of the best ways to express the depth of your love to your partner. Allow your partner to remain in awe as she enjoys the breathtaking views from a thousand meters above the ground. From the beautiful islands of Palm Jumeirah and the towering Burj Khalifa to the striking Burj Al Arab, there is so much to enjoy on a helicopter ride. You’ll also fly over Old Dubai Creek to see the historic Al Fahidi wind towers and the souks of Old Dubai. Don’t forget to click beautiful pictures to capture the memories of the trip.

8.    Go kayaking in the Dubai Fountain

If you are looking for one of the most adventurous things to do in Dubai for couples, you can go kayaking in the Dubai Fountain. Take a 30-minute kayak ride around Burj Lake while enjoying beautiful views of the Dubai Fountains, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Ride a motorized speedboat and spend quality time with your sweetheart. You can also see the music, water and light show during the Dubai Fountain kayak adventure. Suitable for everyone from intermediate to beginner and advanced paddlers, this is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the Dubai Fountain.

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How Can You Make Valentine’s Special in Dubai?

Making Valentine’s Day special in Dubai is a piece of cake. There are multiple romantic activities you can take delight in. For instance, enjoying a desert safari, going on a dhow cruise, savoring dinner in the sky, visiting a miracle garden, and riding a hot air balloon. If you think these activities can make your Cupid’s Day extraordinary, grab your tickets from a reliable online platform now.



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