The Typical errors while preparing for the IELTS exam

The purpose of the IELTS exam is to offer credible evidence of English language ability to individuals who are applying for an employment or study visa. There are numerous instances where your demonstration of English competence is required in order to get towards your objective. In India, those who are interested in obtaining a study visa choose to take the IELTS exam because of its high level of recognition. The IELTS band scores have worldwide recognition and are also deemed suitable for PR applications in foreign countries.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to always consider the significance of achieving a high IELTS band score. An outstanding IELTS band score offers numerous advantages that test takers might make use of. In order to achieve outstanding IELTS band scores, it is imperative that you avoid the usual errors that detract from the quality of your IELTS exam preparation.

Prior to proceeding, it is important to note that in the IELTS exam, a comprehensive response in the speaking segment, effective organization and expression of ideas in the writing section, and the ability to read swiftly are all significant factors. An esteemed platform providing top-notch IELTS Institute in Patiala can assist you in mastering these skills with exceptional proficiency.

This essay will examine the frequent errors that candidates taking the IELTS exam typically commit during their preparation, which ultimately results in low band scores.

Avoid the typical errors when preparing for the IELTS exam:

Examine the following guidelines to acquire knowledge about the typical errors that should be avoided while preparing for the IELTS exam.

The most common question that students come across during the preparation journey is how to prepare for the PTE exam at home. Well, the solution is not as difficult as many students think. You need to follow a well-structured study plan and implementation of result-oriented tips and tricks. Before delving into the preparation strategy for the PTE test, let’s tell you the format of the exam. The PTE exam consists of three modules- Speaking and Writing, Listening, and Reading section. 

It may take one month of preparation if you are good at English and want to get incredible scores on the test. Using online study resources, materials, courses, and mock tests are good alternative to studying at home. The score ranges from 10-90 and you must have acquired overall 65-70 marks or above depending on the university requirements, you are applying for.

A blatant disregard for the Exam Format

One prevalent error that diminishes the quality of your IELTS exam preparation is disregarding the exam syllabus. Utter disregard for the exam structure will result in a lack of awareness of the specific content you need to study.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the IELTS exam style is a crucial component of your exam preparation. To acquire this understanding, you might examine previous year’s papers or practice papers.

Spontaneous Time Allocation

A significant number of applicants take the exam without implementing effective time management strategies. As a result, individuals are unable to answer the questions promptly, while having a good understanding of the answers. Effective time management is crucial, and to achieve this, consistent practice is necessary to enhance your ability to provide precise responses promptly within the designated time constraints.

Insufficient time management can result in an incomplete completion of all the answers. Hence, procure a sheet of paper along with a sample document, and engage in the act of solving it inside the designated time limit.

Reading Preparation Tips

  • The time limit for this section is 29-39 minutes.
  • Read novels, articles, and paragraphs with as much comprehension as possible.
  • Understand and interpret the author’s point of view.
  • Learn skimming tactics. Try reading the first and last lines of each paragraph to get a sense of what is being said.
  • Highlight essential material and attempt to remember the keywords.

Listening Preparation Tips

  • Watch different accent shows and movies to learn how to pronounce words.
  • Avoid getting hooked on a specific word.
  • Listen to monologues, audiobooks, and stories via online platforms.
  • After listening, attempt to write a summary of the information presented in the audio transit.

PTE Preparation Online Practice Test Websites

Through online practice tests of the PTE exam, you can get the same interface similar to the original exam. Examples of top websites are given below:

  • Gurully
  • PTE Tutorials
  • Pearson PTE

PTE Preparation Books

The preparation books act as a guide for learners. Through this, you can get in-depth information on the topics and provide you dos and don’ts for PTE. 

  • PTE Practice Book
  • Pearson Test of English Academic
  • PTE Academic 79 plus

Ineffective Vocabulary Acquisition Strategy

Fluency in vocabulary is crucial since it enables you to effectively and precisely communicate the intended message. Demonstrating a strong command of English vocabulary indicates a high degree of English competence. In order to acquire English vocabulary, it is crucial for individuals to adhere to a well-defined approach that enhances their comprehension of each word with precision and aids in retaining the true meaning of the words.

In order to acquire English vocabulary, one should:

  • Acquire knowledge from the Oxford Dictionary or any other reputable dictionary to guarantee precision.
  • Direct your attention to each definition, the precise utilization of the term, its practicality, and its enunciation.
  • Limit your learning to simply five terms to prevent confusion.
  • An impractical strategy

Continuously learning English vocabulary and grammar without comprehending their practical usage through examples is an impractical strategy. This strategy will never produce beneficial outcomes. To comprehend the appropriate usage of words and grammar in phrases, it is imperative that you get a thorough understanding of English vocabulary and grammar, while also closely examining the provided examples.

Hence, it is imperative to actively engage in listening to the English language through interviews with celebrities, movies, and music, since this will significantly enhance your comprehension of word pronunciation.

Enhance your reading proficiency by engaging with a variety of literary works, including novels, newspapers, and official documents.

Revise the articles or sentences to enhance your writing proficiency. Additionally, refrain from using excessive utilization of the passive voice.

Engage in English conversation with your reflection in the mirror to enhance your confidence in spontaneously constructing English sentences.

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In conclusion,

Avoiding these typical errors when preparing for the IELTS exam would be advantageous for you. Additionally, ensure that you are utilizing your skills to carefully examine the requirements needed to successfully pass the IELTS examination. To comprehend the necessary conditions for successfully completing the IELTS exam, one can depend on the exemplar papers.


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