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Tips for Choosing the Right Tile Showroom in Your Area


Homeowners often look for new and exciting tile options to create unique home decor when they plan to renovate their space. Whether you are planning to revamp your existing space or just to spruce things up a bit, you need to select quality tiles from the right tile store to make sure that they are of good quality and that you are making a worthy purchase. But we understand that finding the best tile showroom is not a child’s play, and you cannot just find one just by googling “a tile showroom near me”. That’s why this blog is here to guide you on finding the right tile showroom in Ghaziabad that can understand your needs and offer you reliable tile options for your next tiling project. 

Importance of The Right Tile Showroom Selection 

Tiles are widely utilised in the interior design industry to elevate the beauty and luxurious quotients of any space. Good tile shops offer tiles to provide the most effective transformation when it comes to renovating a space, be it indoors or outdoors. Not only can their tiles infuse uniqueness and freshness into the decor but also can enhance the usability of the space. Here, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right tile store for the best tiles. 

Upgrade Your Space Decor 

Choosing the right tiles lets you upgrade your entire space in all respects, not just the appearance of the space. So, you should look for a tile store that offers you a vast collection of tile variants, which differ based on colours, finishes, sizes, and designs. By exploring a vast collection, you can easily find multiple options to play with and customise your design according to your preferences.

This helps in adding a sense of individuality and your personal touch to your space. So, whether you prefer a simple and minimalist look or a rustic and traditional look, you can easily find tile options that can complement your space theme. Also, you can play with different tile sizes. Like, go for bigger tiles for an uncluttered and uninterrupted floor or wall look, making your space appear wider or taller. Or, choose smaller tiles that can provide depth and visual interest to the space. 

Elevate Your Aesthetics and Usability 

While choosing tile options, do not forget to weigh their usability and visual appeal as both these factors play huge roles in making or breaking the space’s overall looks and functionality. So, reach out to a tile store where aesthetics meets usability. Concerning the usability of tiles, you need to consider the purpose of the space. For example, go for anti-skid porcelain floor tiles for the flooring in moist areas while you can choose matte finish vitrified tiles for your living room flooring. Talking about the visual appeal of the tiles, consider their design aspects. They are significantly important in setting the right mood or ambience for your space. So, ensure the tile store offers everything.

Best Tile Showrooms in Ghaziabad

You can easily find multiple tile showrooms if you google “a tile showroom near me”. However, remember to trust only a reputed tile showroom in Ghaziabad. You can consider reaching out to any of the following showrooms. Discover a world of elegance and innovation at Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Ghaziabad. Our showroom showcases a stunning array of premium tiles, offering endless possibilities for your home or commercial space. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, experience unmatched quality and craftsmanship that redefine luxury living. Visit us today for a transformative tile experience.

  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique (Agarwal Marble House) – III D 12, Block D, Nehru Nagar III, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – No C/6 Vasundhara, Sector 13 Shree Raghunath Trade Center
  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – Delhi Meerut Road Modinagar, near Suman Cinema, Ghaziabad
  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – No 38, Moti Lal Nehru Marg, Ram Nagar, Pocket M, Nehru Nagar III, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
  • Orientbell Tiles Boutique – NH9, Garh Mukteshwar, Badarkha
  • Orientbell Tiles Corner – Plot No 2, Nyay Khand III, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Factors to Consider While Picking Tiles 

A reputed tile store in Ghaziabad can help you with the process of tile selection for your space while taking into account some varying factors. Here are some essential things to do before you start your tile shopping. 

Identify Your Needs

Firstly, you have to consider the use of your space, like for which place or area you want to get the tiles. According to that, you need to pay attention to criteria, like their durability, water-resistant, and anti-skip features. Secondly, consider the traffic volume of the space. More strong and resilient tiles are suitable for heavy footfall spaces than in less crowded areas. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your space. After all, your tiles must match the room’s colour scheme, decor style, and interior preferences. Lastly, do not forget to set a reasonable budget for buying the tiles, their transportation, their installation, and any additional supplies that are required during the installation process. 

Investigate Several Tile Kinds

When you visit any good tile store, you can find an array of options with varying materials, designs, patterns, and colours. However, you have to remember that not every tile option is for every space. Like, ceramic tiles are the most preferred choice among homeowners, come in various options and with features like water resistance and durability, making them suitable for low to medium foot traffic areas. Or, if you are looking for a durable tile option for wet spaces like culinary spaces, you can go for porcelain tiles that come with maximum water-resisting ability. After all, these tiles are denser and more resilient than the ceramic ones.

Also, you can think of using vitrified tiles which come with maximum durability and versatility. All in all, you can find several tile options to elevate your space decor, ranging from geometric to natural stone to wood, if you reach out to a reputed showroom in the tile market of Ghaziabad. 


Hopefully, you can now find the best tile showroom in Ghaziabad, and not depend only on the search results of “a tile showroom near me”. You can connect to Orientbell Tiles Boutique and explore an enormous collection of tile variants.

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