Top 10 Restaurants in Makkah: Culinary Delights Await

Umrah packages UK take care of every Umrah-related service from pre-departure planning to on the go pilgrimage management. The custom travel plans also include quality accommodations in high-end hotels near Haram with a variety of dining options available as part of the plan.

However, there are tons of options available when comes to booking quality hotels around the Kaaba, how to choose the right one? Well, below is a list of the top 10 restaurants in Makkah where you can try to enjoy traditional dishes as well as international flavors within budget. So, let’s discover.

Top 10 Dining Options in Makkah

Millions of pilgrims visit the holy land of Saudi Arabia from diverse backgrounds around the globe. They all have different cultures and traditions of eating that can be hard to meet during the pilgrimage. However, Umrah packages UK ensure the availability of traditional flavors in top restaurants of Makkah to make you feel at home.

Similarly, the 12 Nights 3 star Umrah package also provides dining options that suit the preferences of budget-conscious pilgrims anyway.

  1. Al Baik

Al Baik is a fast-food restaurant in Makkah with the headquarters located in Jeddah. The restaurant is unique in its serving options and the affordability of items. They serve chicken meals and seafood as main courses with side dishes, desserts, and beverages of different types. It’s the best dining option for pilgrims to enjoy a quality punch of flavors within budget.

  1. Mataam Al Sharq

Mataam Al Sharq is another Halal dining spot for pilgrims located in Jeddah, a gateway to Makkah. The restaurant is a hub of vegan-friendly options, Mediterranean cuisines, and Middle Eastern meals all prepared with Halal and gluten-free ingredients.

The best part of this restaurant is its unique service potential and accessibility. For instance, pilgrims can reserve tables, pack their meals, enjoy private dining, and pay easily through cash or digital options.

  1. Al Shorfa Restaurant

Al Shorfa restaurant is one of the most easily accessible dining spots for pilgrims in Makkah. The settings of the restaurant are perfectly styled to provide a direct view of Masjid Al-Haram from the terrace. They serve authentic breakfasts and dinners in Mediterranean, Egyptian, and international flavors.

Although, this hotel is expensively luxurious yet worth your money as it also provides custom tours to Makkah, airport transfers, and 24/7 service options to amaze pilgrims seamlessly.

  1. Al Rehab Restaurant

Al Rehab restaurant is another quality-oriented dining option in Makkah ready to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. It offers a unique blend of Middle Eastern and international flavors to amaze you with tantalizing taste hints.

The restaurant is a great choice for people who want to enjoy memorable dining in groups or with loved ones all in one place. Some 12 Nights 3 star Umrah options also provide dining in Al Rehab restaurant within budget.

  1. Al Hijaz Restaurant

Al Hijaz restaurant is one of the largest dining spots in Makkah with more than 1400 seating capacity. The restaurant provides a luxury experience to pilgrims with a diverse range of international cuisines as well as authentic Arabian meals all prepared with fresh ingredients.

Their prices are reasonable, portions are generous, service satisfaction is higher, and value for money is great. For Pilgrims who want to explore continental flavors combined with an Arabic touch, Al Hijaz restaurant is a great option to try.

  1. Al Jawharah Restaurant

Al Jawharah restaurant is famous for the variety of food it offers. The dining spot serves a diverse range of chicken and rice dishes with a generous section of desserts and beverages. It provides a comprehensive dining experience to people and also serves lentil soup for free enhancing the overall customer satisfaction.

The restaurant also has an option for family dining with a parking facility available. So, try this restaurant in Makkah if you want to try Middle Eastern foods and experience the flavor of home within a budget.

  1. Al Safina Restaurant

Al Safina restaurant offers a wide range of local as well as international cuisines for pilgrims of diverse backgrounds. The main course of the restaurant menu contains seafood options all made with Halal and fresh ingredients. In addition, vegan-friendly options are also available for people with diet preferences. Their service is friendly, the surroundings are claiming, and prices are reasonable which makes this dining option great for pilgrims.

  1. Al Tazaj Restaurant

Al Tazaj restaurant is one of the best dining options in Makkah for pilgrims. Pilgrims can access the restaurant near the religious landmarks which makes this dining option convenient and suitable. The restaurant offers chicken dishes as a main course with sides and desserts. The restaurant also stands out for the quality of food and flavors it offers to visitors at a reasonable price. The menu contains a variety of seafood options cooked in different styles with a unique blend of flavors. The restaurant can make you feel the home flavors of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Al Ruwais Fish Market

Al Ruwais Fish Market is a restaurant located in Makkah with a main focus on seafood options. The restaurant doesn’t provide vegetarian options on the menu. It stands out for the quality and variety of food they serve to customers. The menu contains a variety of seafood options cooked in different styles with a unique blend of flavors. The restaurant can make you feel the home flavors of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Shobak pie

Shobak Pie is a restaurant with a menu containing pies as a main course. The restaurant offers a unique variety of pies from sweet to savory with a fresh filling of ingredients. The best thing about Shobak Pie is that it’s a budget-friendly dining spot in Makkah perfect to try for pilgrims with 12 Nights 3 star Umrah package.

Although some Umrah packages UK also offer quick dining options for Shobak pie, you can also order the pie you want at your doorstep.

The hotel provides seamless dining options, parking facilities, and private prayer rooms for men and women with a glimpse of Kaaba. Pilgrims can also take advantage of the transportation service that Dar Al Tawhid provides to potential customers.


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