Top 5 OnlyFans Search Tools

Top 5 OnlyFans Search Tools

all know that OnlyFans does not house a search feature which makes it very difficult for people to look for content creators on the website. You can only find a creator on the platform if you have the accurate username of their account or if you have the link to their account.

However, this has not deterred people from looking for people on the application and if you also want to look for creators on the platform then, there are a few third-party applications that you can use. In the blog, we will be mentioning the best methods that you can use for Onlyfans search when you desperately want to find a user on the platform. 

Top Tools to Look for Creators on OnlyFans 

There are a number of tools that allow people to find creators on OnlyFans and if you are also interested in knowing about these third-party tools then, here is the information that you need. 


The first free tool that you can use to look for creators on OnlyFans is FansMetri. This tool is considered to be the biggest database that you can use for finding any account. However, the search option on the tool is limited geographically as you can only find accounts that are less than a mile away from you. The tool provides you with different filters that you can use to narrow down your search. 


OnlyFinder is one of the top tools that you can use when you want to look for creators on this spectacular platform. If you want to find Onlyfans creators then, you have to access the website and use the search bar available on the website. The multiple search operators present in the tool make it easy for you to look for any creator that you want as you can enter keywords like ‘blonde’ or ‘-blonde’ to look for the person that you want. 


The next brilliant tool that you can use to look for people on OnlyFans is Onlysearch. Using this brilliant website is quite easy as the interface is quite simple and makes it easy for people to navigate it. 

You will be able to see the profile picture, display name, bio, price and location of the Onlyfans creator that you are trying to find if you locate them. You will be surprised to know that the platform also provides you with a direct link to their OnlyFans account. 


Reddit is probably the only platform where you will be able to access a number of things as creators promote themselves on this platform. Reddit is also considered to be the best onlyfans finder because you are allowed to post NSFW content on the application. 

If you have tagged your content with NSFW then, you can easily post anything and this makes it very easy for people to start their search and look for any creator that they want. 


There are not many users who know this but, you can also use the social media application TikTok to find onlyfans creators. This is possible because just like Reddit, onlyfans creators also use this platform to promote their OnlyFans account by using the hashtag #onlyfans along with the link to their OnlyFans account. 

If you want to run a general search on the application then, you can use the hashtag #accountantsoftiktok as this hashtag is used in place of the onlyfans hashtag. 

These are the top third-party tools that can be used by anyone when they want to look for a person on OnlyFans. These methods will provide you with the result that you want however, there is no hundred per cent surety in any method

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