Delight Movers has Professional office Movers in Dubai that relieve you of the stress of moving and transporting goods-appliances-equipment by making sure that SPRING MOVING TRANSPORTATION is done in a safe, fast, and relaxing way.

In particular, we undertake spring transports, goods/household appliances/furniture transports and professional equipment transports in Spring. At the same time, we ensure you affordable spring removals, house removals, shop removals, and business removals in Dubai, Northern Suburbs, and Attica by packing your things with excellent quality packing materials and disassembling your furniture.

At Delight Movers, we also provide services such as truck rentals (with driver), same-day delivery of goods from stores, micro-transports, and micro-movements of a few items (sofa, refrigerator, kitchen, chairs, washing machine) in the area of ​​Dubai.


Having many years of experience, we undertake Spring transfers including VAT :

  • Transportation of furniture (sofas, chairs, tables, beds, bookcases, dining tables) and household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, kitchens)
  • Transportation of professional store and supermarket equipment
  • Transportation of wholesale & retail goods to individuals
  • Transportation of devices for TV series, advertising spots, parties, events, stands, exhibitions, festivals, concerts
  • Transport of special cargo (e.g. ship spare parts)

The transport of things is done with the necessary carts (such as pallet trucks, carts for parcels-electrical devices-furniture) and after their packaging. At the same time, we cooperate with factories, retail stores, and technical companies for the transport of their products and machines.


At Villa Movers in Dubai you will find affordable packages for moving services from experienced movers and packers in Spring:

  • House Moves
  • Company & Store Relocations

For spring house moves we provide:

  • Free visit to your home to determine and record the needs of the move
  • Dismantling furniture and packing things (glasses, clothes, books) with excellent quality materials. Special wardrobes & boxes are used for hanging clothes
  • Planning the move in consultation with the customer and consulting tips on the preparatory work that needs to be done
  • Ability to use a lifting machine for more safety with the ability to lift up to 11 floors

For spring company moves we provide:

  • Free appointment with the manager of the company to record the needs of the move
  • Transport of the company’s furniture and equipment after disassembly and packaging
  • Planning and timing of the move
  • Filing company file
  • Possibility of using a lifting machine up to 11 floors


At some point, some of us make the big decision. To leave the country, for a short or long time, as well as some others to return to their country. Moving household goods to or from abroad is a very serious matter. Here professionalism and experience play a decisive role.

The first step is always a meeting, where we will distinguish your needs. Our experienced foreign moving consultants will provide a solution to any issue regarding your move. They will advise you so that together you can find the best possible option. They will prepare all the necessary documents and together you will determine the timetable for your move. Our Movers and packers in Dubai using the most advanced packaging materials will protect your belongings to the maximum extent. If in the meantime you need some time credit until the time you pick up your things our warehouses will be able to accommodate for as long as your household needs.

Crossing the whole of Europe with our own trucks, we will bring your things to your new home ourselves, and in the case of an overseas transfer, accredited agents selected with the strictest criteria will complete your transfer with absolute safety. You take with you the absolutely necessary.

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